Versatile and bespoke log home collections

Timber-framed houses have been available in the UK for several decades now and are becoming an increasingly popular choice over standard bricks-and-mortar buildings, as they can be constructed much more quickly and they provide a better level of thermal and noise insulation.

At Borg Timber House we supply a range of timber frame house kits that will meet most requirements, whether you’re constructing a summerhouse or small extension or embarking on building a brand-new home. We supply a huge range of kits in varying sizes and styles as standard, or they can be customised to meet your exact requirements.

From our most popular, sturdy and practical Alpine range right through to our Luxury collection, which incorporate large glass surfaces to make the most of the natural light, all of our buildings are manufactured to the highest standards.

All of our timber buildings are constructed from high-quality Scandinavian pine and, having grown in harsh weather conditions, are durable and sturdy despite being light in weight. They are also designed and supplied to meet all appropriate UK building regulations.

The location and proposed use of your building will impact on the type of structure which is best suited, and at Borg Timber House we have a range of log, wall and corner types available to suit your needs. So if you need really good sound insulation, you may decide on a double log wall construction, or if you’re building in an urban area, you might choose City Corners to meet planning regulations.

Our range also includes a wide selection of frames suitable for commercial and leisure facilities, such as a club houses, offices and hotels.

If you’re looking at self-build houses or commercial facilities, a timber building from Borg Timber House makes an ideal choice. With more than forty years’ experience, we can guide and support you through every aspect, from choosing your design to installing the structure.

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