Artic Home 167

Artic 167 1





Total gross area              167.00 m²

Ground floor                   105.00 m²

First floor                         62.00 m²

Terrace & Balcony             58.60 m²



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The Artic Home 167 is one of our most attractive timber homes and is ideally suited to families. With a flexible layout that lets you configure your living space as you like, the 167 is perfect for anyone who needs their home to adjust to their unique needs. There are three external doors, meaning you can access the property via various rooms.

The two-storey home offers three bedrooms, although you could of course use these rooms as extra living areas or for a study or storage if you preferred. With a total floor area of 167 square metres, you'll find room for everything you need and plenty of space to entertain family and friends. The ground floor offers 105 square metres of living space, while the first floor has a generous 62 square metres. The 167 offers a particularly generous outdoor space of 58.6 square metres.