Contemporary Timber Homes

We offer a wide range of bespoke contemporary timber frame houses that combine advanced craftsmanship with a modern, sophisticated style.

Self-designed houses are more popular than ever before, and for a wide range of reasons. Modern self-build homes give you the chance to truly customise your home, ensuring it is perfect for your needs and style; however, this is not all they offer. Our self-build homes are also energy efficient, meaning they are perfect for anyone who wants to live a greener lifestyle.

Our open-plan spaces are also bright and simple, creating wonderfully airy rooms that appears spacious and inviting. This means all our self-build homes are ideal for singles, couples or families, as there is enough room for everyone!

Our knowledge means we are always aware of the latest construction techniques and methods, so our customers can be safe in the knowledge that they are getting a self-build home that is perfectly constructed.

Our modern self-build homes are extremely well made in a way which is designed to last. Each piece of timber meets a high standard of construction and design, so our customers can always be sure that they are buying a quality, durable material that will last for decades. We understand that when it comes to your home, only the best will do; therefore, we only use the finest materials which are available to us.

We have also ensured that our homes are affordable so that they are available to a wide range of people, from young professionals to people who are well established in their career.

What are you waiting for? Take your time to peruse our selection of self-build timber homes to check out each design. If you have any questions, feel free to contact our friendly team using the contact page. You may be minutes away from finding your perfect contemporary timber home!



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This log home was built in a very challenging location, but with the right plans and a good building team the customers got exactly what they wanted. Visible supporting beams and white walls give this house a nice character. The combination of wooden and tiled floor in the long hallways is a great and natural solution. The green roof was the customers own idea and it truly is a crown for this log home!




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Savigné L'Eveque is a small community close to the French town of Le Mans. It has also become home to a very spacious privately-owned Artichouse log home with a floor area of almost 240m2.  The solar system on the roof is the perfect energy saver and is sized to meet the occupants' energy needs.  The Artichouse City-corners, visible ceiling beams in the living and dining area and laminated 135 x 183 mm Articlogs give this house an impressive and unique design.



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This long rectangular log home with its integrated top-set windows and a living area of 155m2 has almost become a landmark in the friendly village of Chérance in the Pays de la Loire.  This inviting house is equally as impressive on the inside as it is on the outside. Its modern interior design combines white ceilings and walls with the natural colour of the logs, comfortable interior fittings, floor heating and an open-plan living and dining area. The facade with its floor-to-ceiling windows framed with 88 x 183 mm laminated Articlogs is a real eye-catcher too!