Eurohome - Wooden Framed Homes

The Borg Timber House Eurohome collection consists of beautiful and practical wooden frame houses featuring a stunning blend of time-honoured and contemporary design. This range of versatile wooden buildings includes atmospheric architectural elements such as cathedral ceilings, terraces, huge windows to maximise light in living spaces, skylights and balconies. And we can always tailor our magnificent timber designs to your personal specifications to create something that is utterly unique for you.

Eurohome is a classic range which takes its inspiration from the traditional log cabin. These wooden frame houses can be completed with an array of finishes to deliver a variety of architectural styles. The Eurohome has been a particularly popular choice throughout Europe, as its clean lines look wonderful in a wide selection of settings and blend into a variety of environments.

This type of wooden building was originally produced by Arctichouse of Finland, which has more than four decades of expertise in crafting the finest timber structures across Europe and the rest of the world. We only use the highest-quality timber in our products from trees that have been allowed to mature slowly in certified forest areas. Built to comply completely with UK building regulations, our Eurohomes are constructed to stringent specifications using fully qualified tradespeople.

We have earned an enviable reputation for delivering wooden buildings of the finest quality from the most durable materials. We can also give support by providing plans and elevation drawings that local authorities may require to secure planning permission. We also have a flexible range of services available to construct or manage the erection of your Eurohome and ensure your lovely wooden frame house is completed efficiently, precisely and within the time allocated. We can deliver to wherever you choose to build your Eurohome, and we will provide full costings for transport, handling and unloading. You can feel confident when choosing a home from us, knowing that we have every detail organised and managed to completion for your optimal satisfaction. Our priority is to ensure that you receive the home of your dreams with the entire process seamlessly carried out so that the enjoyment of your Eurohome begins the moment you receive the key.
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