Eurohome 282

Euro 282 Wooden framed home





Total gross area              282.00 m²

Basement                       105.60 

Ground floor                   106.00 m²

First floor                         70.40 m²

Terrace & Balcony             35.00 m²

Euro 282 Wooden framed home layoutEuro 282 P1Euro 282 Wooden framed house layout




Do you dream of living in a practical and stylish wooden frame house? The Eurohome 282 provides spacious living accommodation plus the opportunity to relax and enjoy the view from the wraparound terrace and balcony. The Eurohome range is popular for its combination of traditional design and contemporary living, which is beautifully expressed in this stunning home.

Arranged on three levels - basement, ground floor and first floor - the Eurohome 282 offers flexible living space for the larger family, with modern comforts such as a sauna and en-suite bathroom. You can configure the interior of your Eurohome to meet your needs for the perfect combination of traditional charm and modern convenience.

Built to our exacting standards using the finest materials, your Eurohome is warm and energy efficient thanks to the thermo wall construction. Built to withstand the elements yet providing a cosy and spacious interior, the Eurohome 282 is the smart choice for contemporary living with a traditional twist.