Log Cabins

There are many benefits to choosing a log house, and as experts in designing and building these structures at Borg Timber House, you can trust us to provide your dream log building.

With more than four decades of experience under our belt, there is not much we do not know when it comes to designing and building log homes. Taking inspiration from Scandinavian styles of properties, we can create a log building that offers you all the insulating benefits required for cooler climates together with the aesthetics of a stunning design that emits a cosy yet contemporary vibe.

When you choose log homes from Borg Timber House, you can expect a great service from start to finish. We put quality at the forefront of our agenda, so you can be assured of a log cabin that exceeds your expectations.

We do not just use any old logs to build homes and cabins. We very carefully select the logs that we use, picking only the highest quality and most appropriate wood for your property build. The logs we choose are extremely durable and hardwearing so can withstand the outside elements, but they are grown in such a way that makes your log house a sustainable and eco-friendly option.

We will always work closely with you to create a design for your dream log cabin that fulfils your unique requirements, and once designs have been approved, we carefully and meticulously set to work to turn your dreams into reality. At our company, we never cut corners or take short cuts, and you will find our professionalism outstanding at every step of the process.

We use the latest modelling technology to design the layout of your new log home and only use the most respected tradespeople to complete the job. For your peace of mind, it is also reassuring to know that we always comply with relevant building regulations.

Whether you are looking for a log cabin as a cosy holiday retreat for yourself or for others, you can rely on us to complete a design and build that gains the approval of any visitor.

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