Ounas 51-70

Summer Ounas 51 log cabin


Total gross area              43.30 m²

Ground floor                   43.30 m²

Terrace & Balcony             8.50 m²

2. Ounas 64   Total area    51.5 

                    Ground floor 51.5 

                    Terrace        12.9 

3. Ounas 70   Total area     51.5 

                    Ground floor  51.5 
                    Terrace         18.8 

Summer Ounas 51 log cabin floor planSummer Ounas 64 log cabin floor plansSummer Ounas 70 log home floor plan

Many of us dream of a log cabin as a retreat or as a base for spending tranquil time in nature. The Ounas 51-70 series of log cabins combines sturdy and attractive features in a practical and easily accessible package. We offer three different configurations with a range of bedroom, living area and terrace combinations. The largest of our log cabins offers 51.5 square metres of internal space, with a roomy terrace of nearly 20 square metres. At Borg Timber House we have a proud tradition of creating superb timber cabins that delight our valued customers. We can easily adapt or customise any of our Ounas designs to incorporate additions or add bespoke elements to make a cabin distinctively yours.

Over the past four decades our expertise in constructing the finest log cabins has gained an enviable international reputation as our buildings have complemented landscapes all around the world. We use the finest fully matured timber, and our Ounas 51-70 log cabins are built meticulously by master craftspeople to comply with all UK building regulations.