Pallas 88

Artic 176 log cabins





Total gross area              176.00 m²

Ground floor                   132.00 m²

First floor                         44.00 m²

Terrace & Balcony               1.80 m²



Artic 176 log home floor plansArtic 176 log frame floor plan


Timber houses are attractive for so many reasons. Not only do they look beautiful but also the wood acts as a natural insulator, which makes them warm and saves you money. Timber houses are also quick to build and therefore more economical than traditional houses; in addition, they are very versatile and environmentally-friendly.

One of our favourite designs is the Pallas 88, which will fit perfectly into any environment. It looks like many people's vision of a traditional log cabin with its spacious front porch and classic gables. This is a spacious home with a total area of 176 square metres, which comprises 132 square metres on the ground floor and 44 square metres on the first floor. There is also an external terrace and balcony area.

At Borg Timber House we can adapt log and timber buildings to your specification, whether you are looking for a permanent home, a holiday home, or garden space for work or guests in contemporary or traditional styles.