Artic Frame 263

Artic Frame 263 post and beam home





Total gross area              203.60 m²

Ground floor                   130.90 m²

First floor                         72.70 m²

Terrace & Balcony             58.80 m²



Artic Frame 263 wooden house floorplansArtic Frame 263 wooden floorplans


The Artic Frame 263 is the perfect combination of both superb design and perfect aesthetics. The build is both spacious, with a gross total area of 203.60m2, and light because of its numerous large windows. On the first floor there is a balcony and on the ground floor a terrace area, with a combined area of 58.80 m. Both are carefully designed to provide maximum shelter from the elements, letting you enjoy the outside all year around.

Timber houses and log cabins have become a popular housing choice in recent years. The Danes appreciate the value of surrounding themselves with natural materials, and in surveys are, year on year, the world’s happiest nation. They have a way of being, known as “hygge” - a cosiness of the soul and an essential ingredient to their happiness. They understand that surrounding yourself with nature, living within its walls and re-connecting with it gives you this sense of wellbeing. With over forty years of experience in providing and constructing timber building, leave your hjemmehygge (home comfort) in our hands.