Artic Frame 218

Artic Frame 218 post and beam house





Total gross area              164.00 m²

Ground floor                     82.00 m²

First floor                         82.00 m²

Terrace & Balcony             54.00 m²



Artic Frame 218 timber house floorplansArtic Frame 218 timber floorplans


Spacious and airy, the Borg Timber House Artic Frame 218 has a total gross area of 164 square metres; of this, 82 square metres is the ground floor and 82 square metres is the first floor, meaning that no compromises need to be made on either living or bedroom space. There is also a roomy terrace and balcony, measuring 54 square metres. For added flexibility, as with all our products, the design and layout can be customised to suit your particular requirements.

Made from top-quality slow-grown timber from Finland, the structure is ecologically sound and easy to maintain and insulate. As a bonus, it utilises a form of building that first made its appearance in the Bronze Age and has been tried and tested ever since. Our team of specialists is also tried, tested and trusted - with over 40 years’ experience in the field, we can help you to bring your dream home to life.