Artic Frame 265

Artic Frame 265 post and beam building





Total gross area              220.00 m²

Ground floor                   110.00 m²

First floor                       110.00 m²

Terrace & Balcony            45.00 m²



Artic Frame 265 timber home floorplansArtic Frame 265 timber floorplans


The Borg Timber House Arctic Frame 265 is elegant, aspirational, and sits easily in its surroundings. Its extensive use of glass gives it a contemporary feel and ensures it makes the most of the available natural light.

With a total gross area of 220 square metres, this is a comfortably spacious dwelling that can accommodate most needs. 110 square metres is devoted to the ground floor, with the same again to the first floor. A further 45 square metres of space is provided by a generous terrace and balcony.

On the ground floor is an airy and practical open-plan kitchen, living and dining room, alongside two further rooms and a lavatory. The first floor comprises four bedrooms, a full bathroom, and a separate lavatory and washbasin. The design is customisable to suit your specific needs and we will be glad to advise further if required.