Tunturi 341

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Total gross area              325.30 m²

Ground floor                   194.70 m²

First floor                        130.60 m²

Terrace & Balcony             15.40 m²



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Tunturi 341 offers true luxury living with a total area of 325.30m² and provides ample space for family life combined with the finest timber architecture. Featuring a terrace space of 15.40m² for sitting and enjoying the view, the extensive ground floor measures 325.30m² and features a spacious 22.5m² kitchen diner and 16.5m² home office. There is an impressively large living space of 55.3m² featuring a grand two-storey double window to view the vista outside and allow an abundance of light inside. The ground floor also offers a 22.5m² separate living room and 21m² seating area, as well as three bathrooms and a sauna room.

The first floor contains a generously sized 28.4m² master bedroom and vast 10.4m² en-suite bathroom. There are a further two large double bedrooms measuring 20.6m² and 18.3m² as well as a useful 5.1m² box room for storage. The first floor also contains another large bathroom and a 20.2m² landing and seating area.