Tunturi 703

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Total gross area              665.00 m²

Ground floor                   604.00 m²

First floor                         61.00 m²

Terrace & Balcony             38.00 m²



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A stylish single-storey building augmented by a central atrium with a mezzanine level, the Tunturi 703 offers 665 square metres of space. It is an ideal commercial building for use as a cafe, field centre, office space or conference venue; alternatively, it could be turned into a spacious, stylish modern home.

The eco credentials of timber buildings are second to none. The wood used by Borg Timber House is sourced from sustainable forests that act as a carbon sink. The company also reuses all timber waste to create sustainable, clean energy. Wooden construction also makes for a healthy environment for the occupants; the structure retains heat and releases it slowly, reducing fuel use; and it keeps humidity at optimal levels. This helps to ensure that pests such as dust mites and bacteria don’t thrive in timber-built structures. Even taking into account the need for ongoing maintenance, the costs of a timber-built structure are low.