Tunturi 837

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Total gross area              789.10 m²

Ground floor                   359.80 m²

First floor                        351.90 m²

Second floor                     77.40 m²

Terrace & Balcony             47.50 m²



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With a floor area of almost 790 square metres spread over three floors, the Tunturi 837 from Borg Timber is ideal for those looking for a spacious Scandinavian-style living experience or who want to combine living accommodation with office or studio space.

Building in timber is not only an eco-friendly choice: it also offers a clean, friendly interior environment that will benefit the health of the occupants. It’s energy-efficient, staying cool in summer and warm in winter with minimal fuel use. The wood of the structure holds heat and releases it slowly, so reducing greenhouse gas emissions from burning fuel. If it’s well maintained, timber construction can also be very durable. Some of Finland’s oldest log homes have been standing for more than 100 years. The wood used by Borg Timber comes from sustainably managed forests which act as effective carbon sinks.