Tunturi 981

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Total gross area              923.10 m²

Basement                       187.10 m²

Ground floor                   367.90 m²

First floor                       368.10 m²

Terrace & Balcony             58.20 m²



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One of the larger houses in the Borg range, the Tunturi 981 offers a total floor area of over 920 square meters divided between the first and second floors, a basement, and balconies/terraces. It is big enough to make for a luxurious holiday home, a spacious family house, or even for commercial use as a restaurant or conference space.

The Tunturi 981 has all the benefits of modern timber construction, of course, in terms of easy assembly on site and a building that offers a well-insulated, comfortable living environment all year round. Timber is also one of the eco-friendliest building materials, even taking account of the maintenance needed over the lifespan of the property. Borg Timber even uses the waste products - offcuts and sawdust - from its manufacturing process to generate renewable energy, further boosting the green credentials of its building system.