Tunturi 110

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Total gross area              87.20 m²

Ground floor                   50.60 m²

Loft                                36.60 m²

Terrace & Balcony            27.50m²

The Tunturi 110 is one of our classic designs which does not lose its appeal over time. A spacious 50m2 groundfloor and a 36m2 loft offer a lot of space as a holiday retreat. Many of our customers have also modified this design with us to act as a permanent dwelling by widening and heightening the structure.


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The Tunturi 110 is a classic design that will age well and not end up looking dated in just a few years. With a basic 50 square metres of floor space and 36 square metres of loft space, the building is the ideal size for a holiday home. However, it’s a flexible design, and by increasing the width and height it can easily be made into a permanent dwelling.

At Borg Timber we are highly experienced in creating buildings that have a high reputation both for their quality of construction and their green credentials. Timber is one of the most eco-friendly building materials. In Finland, for example, wood is used in 40 per cent of all buildings, yet this accounts for just five per cent of the environmental burden, even taking into account the maintenance required over a 50-year life. Timber houses built using the latest techniques are well insulated and make for a comfortable living environment all year round.