Tunturi 223

Tunturi 223 Wooden Frame House





Total gross area            189.40 m²

Basement                       80.50 m²

Ground floor                   81.10 m²

First floor                        27.80 m²

Terrace & Balcony            34.10 m²


Tunturi 223 Timber House Floorplans14 Tunturi 223 P2Tunturi 223 Wooden House Floorplans



The Tunturi 223 timber house offers flexible accommodation with plenty of floor space and a layout to suit a multitude of different uses. All of this is complemented by the outstanding workmanship and customer service guaranteed when you buy from Borg Timber House.

Our excellent reputation and experience mean that you can choose the Tunturi 223 with complete confidence and prepare to enjoy the accommodation extension or additional convenience or luxury of this superior 189.40 m² timber property.

Our luxurious Tunturi 223 boasts a spacious basement measuring 80.50 m², along with an 81.10 m² ground floor and a first floor boasting 27.80 m². The property is enhanced further by a lifestyle-boosting terrace and balcony providing another 34.10 m² of usable space.

This property is ideal when providing accommodation for larger families or simply for providing plenty of useable space for you to enjoy and appreciate every day or as part of a regular holiday experience.