Timber Framed Home Pricing Guide

The prices shown here are in EUROS, and are just a small selection from the huge range of our log homes and post and beam designs and models available. The prices shown are for the supply of a standard (unmodified) house kit. Foundations are assumed to be a concrete slab. There are numerous choices of extras such as increased log sizes or square, round logs etc., plinth or post foundations, alterations to the standard plans, plasterboard or timber internal walls & ceilings and tile or timber floorings.  

The price examples below DO NOT INCLUDE the cost of delivery (the average cost to the UK of 110m2 house is currently around 6000€ and above is 12000€-18000€), nor foundations, ground works (services to site), construction, any electrical works, any plumbing works, insulation, kitchens, bathrooms, decorating, roof coverings or VAT. VAT for principle residential properties can be refundable.

Please note, these prices do not constitute an agreement or contract and due to Euro exchange rates GBP prices are liable to change. Please contact us for a formal cost quotation or more detailed prices.


45 139 196 227 981
 Tunturi 45  27875.00€  Tunturi 139  67875.00€ Tunturi 196  79125.00€ Tunturi 227  87000.00€ Tunturi 981  505625.00€
 a99  a134  a137  a140  a157
 AH99  63971.00€ AH134  77125.00€ AH137  68250.00€ AH140  61375.00€ AH147  75130.00€
 af102  af117  af173  af218  af263
 AF102  47373.00€  AF117  43408.00€  AF173  86191.00€  AF218  76173.00€  AF263  85147.00€
 eh164  eh167  eh169  eh192  eh230
 EH164  84688.00€ EH167  74125.00€ EH169  69750.00€ EH192 73313.00€ EH230  101500.00€
 haltia  ounas  pallas  ruka  ruska
 Haltia  46226.00€ Ounas  45438.00€ Pallas  38750.00€ Ruka  45913.00€ Ruska  35063.00€